About Singapore


No. 1 city with the best investment potential - Singapore now outranks the world as an investment destination, after coming in second for 16 consecutive years.


The world’s easiest place to do business - The ease of setting up a company in Singapore is a clear advantage when it comes to choosing the best place to do business.

Top 2 most competitive city in the world - Singapore leads the pack among the rest of the global economies when it comes to maintaining its competitive edge.

Best business environment in Asia Pacific and the world - Singapore has the most conducive environment for business as compared to the rest of its neighbours – and the world.

Asia’s No.1 for best logistics supply chain performance - Singapore is the top in Asia for logistics performance.

Best global innovation in Asia Pacific and the world - The best-performing Asian country ahead of Hong Kong, Korea and Japan, Singapore excels in the pillars of institutions, human capital and research, infrastructure and business sophistication.


Asia’s best intellectual property protection - Singapore recognises intellectual property (IP) as an invaluable asset in shaping a knowledge-based economy.


Top 3 in the world for least corruption in the economy - The Singapore government practises an open and transparent approach when it comes to all business matters.

Most transparent country in Asia - Government policies in Singapore are clear and transparent when it comes to business.


Top of BERI’s Labour Force Evaluation Measure - Singapore has a consistently productive and skilled labour force that makes it a conducive place for growing businesses.

Top 10 in Asia for most motivated workforce - The mind-set of Singaporean talent is generally positive and makes for a productive working environment.

Top 10 in Asia for best skilled labour - Singapore’s focus on a knowledge-based economy has led to an influx and growth of skilled labour from around the region and within the city itself.

Top 2 in the world for best labour/employer relations in Asia - The relationship between employee and employer in the average Singapore workplace is the best in the region.


Top 2 in Asia for best quality of life - Singapore has been ranked the 2nd place to live, work and play as compared to its neighbouring countries.

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